We offer maintenance services, engine/transmission repairs, and superchargers/turbo  installations.  Here’s a list of some additional services offered by Oscar Velez:
  • Diagnostic on repair with factory equipment and parts.

  • Complete service for engine, chassis, transmission. differentials, fuel injection, emissions, Check Engine lights problems.

  • Engine and transmission repair and rebuilding

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Alignment

  • Professional car detailing

  • Car pre-purchase inspection

  • Special order for factory Motorsport parts


  • Dyno custom-chip tuning

  • Engine blueprint

  • Turbo and supercharger conversions for street use

  • Suspension work, coil covers conversions and racing high­
    performance alignments

  • Corner balance

  • Custom rear differential gear ratio conversion, including the new M3 E46.

  • Race preparation for any SCCA (Sport Car Club of America) class

  • Track support and assistance

  • Full safety race inspection

  • Custom-made air brake duct systems

  • Big brake kits

  • Custom-made exhaust systems

  • Aerodynamics kits

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